October 23, 2013


How will technology change in the future of contingent workforce management? What you need to know before building a rate card.

The Future of CW Technology

23 October 2013

How will technology respond to hiring managers’ upcoming requirements, many of which are already surfacing in isolated instances? 

Rate Card Basics

23 October 2013

Some of the basics each program owner should know before setting out to build a rate card.

Report: Cap Foreign Temps in Canada

23 October 2013

A report released this month by the Institute for Research on Public Policy calls for an annual cap on the number of temporary workers entering Canada. 

Healthcare Industry Evolution Is Good News for All

23 October 2013

The rapidly changing regulatory landscape is complicating the decision-making process for healthcare buyers while the war for talent rages, writes Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram in The Contingent Blog, as the Staffing Industry Analysts Healthcare Staffing Summit... More

Web: Departing Employees Are a Security Horror

23 October 2013

Information theft by departing employees is much easier than it used to be, writes Rachael King in the Wall Street Journal. But there are ways for companies to guard against it. Be sure to consider this risk when developing your offboarding process. 

What Successful People Do Daily

23 October 2013

There’s the one personal branding habit successful people find time for — they document their wins. William Arruda shares on Forbes.com why keeping a job journal can boost your career.