May 22, 2013


Contingent workforce program managers should proceed with caution when taking their programs outside the U.S.; Wage and hour lawsuits are up sharply in the U.S. 

Include Counterparts When Taking Your CW Program Global

22 May 2013

Globalizing contingent workforce programs continues to be a hot topic among CW professionals, yet those who have expanded their programs, and those based in other countries, would advise caution before expanding.

US Agency Overpays $3.7 Million for Temps’ Living Expenses

22 May 2013

The U.S. Department of Energy has overpaid $3.7 million since 2007 for temporary workers’ living expenses at its Savannah River Site nuclear facility near Aiken, S.C., according to a report from the department’s Office of Inspector General.

Federal Wage and Hour Lawsuits Up 10%

22 May 2013

Federal wage and hour lawsuits filed under the Fair Labor Standards Act reached a new high for the 12 months ended March 30.

New Recruits in the War for Talent

22 May 2013

With college graduation season upon us, companies have a fresh resource pool for the present and future war for talent.

Positioning Long-Term MSP Success

22 May 2013

A skilled managed service provider can create the right strategy and a fluid architecture that supports a company’s talent needs and business goals over time on both the transactional and strategic levels, writes Teresa Creech, president of MSP and CW Solutions, Randstad Sourceright, in The Staffing Stream... More

Canadian Court Dismisses Union's Temp Worker Case

22 May 2013

The Federal Court of Canada dismissed a challenge launched by two unions against a company that hired more than 200 temporary workers from China for its coal mine in northeastern British Columbia, CBC News reported.

SIA Conference: CW Solutions Forum

22 May 2013

Peter Sheahan, founder and CEO of ChangeLabs and best-selling author, has been announced as a keynote speaker at the CW Solutions Forum this September in Chicago.