July 31, 2013


Dig deeper when suppliers claim global experience; First steps in strategic workforce management

Global Schmobal …

31 July 2013

When a supplier claims experience in a region you’re looking into, you should dig deeper to learn the actual extent of that experience.

First Steps in Strategic Workforce Management

31 July 2013

Here’s what we advise contingent workforce program managers to do when first exploring strategic workforce management. 

Merging CW Programs After an Acquisition

31 July 2013

Following the acquisition of one company by another, there is the much involved when merging managed service programs and vendor management systems. Here are some points for contingent workforce program owners to consider.

Some Firms Ignore IC Rulings from IRS

31 July 2013

Some U.S. companies are ignoring IRS rulings that they misclassified workers as independent contractors.

Is Your MSP Innovative or a Relic?

31 July 2013

Does your mature MSP program continue to uncover ways to generate new value or has its momentum slowed to a crawl, wonders Andrew Erlichman, senior solutions consultant for Bartech, in The Staffing Stream?

Don’t Blame the VMS

31 July 2013

Staffing providers love to complain about vendor management systems, but Scott Witnrip, an industry trainer, says buyers and staffing firms alike are not using the tools as they were initially envisioned. Read more in Staffing Industry Review magazine. 

Former Contractor Criticizes Amazon

31 July 2013

A former contract worker criticizes Amazon’s temp worker hiring policies in an open letter to Jeff Bezos on Geek Wire. Among his points is the company’s tenure limit, which he claims leads to apathy. To read the letter, click here.

SIA Research: The Best Ways to Implement a Pricing Strategy

31 July 2013

In this transcript of a CWS Summit conference presentation, Kirk Reade, Global Strategy/Subcontract Services Sourcing Council, IBM, discusses bill rate and markup as pricing strategies for CW programs. CWS Council and SIA corporate members can access the report here.