July 24, 2013


Why purchase orders and contingent labor just don’t mix; How to identify process improvement needs

Why Purchase Orders and Contingent Labor Just Don’t Mix

24 July 2013

Purchase orders have their legitimate place in some areas of business, but when it comes to the contingent workforce, they are like oil and water.

Think Before Your RFP

24 July 2013

Drafting RFPs may not be your favorite task, but try to keep your providers,a nd your ultimate needs, in mind when putting your request together.

Process Improvement Techniques Primer

24 July 2013

Over the course of a career in contingent workforce management, you may spend a lot of time discussing process and process improvement techniques. Here are some of the most common techniques to guide you in your selection:

Report Calls for Change in ‘Harshest’ IC Law

24 July 2013

An organization in Massachusetts is urging a change in the state’s independent contractor law, saying employment attorneys call it the harshest such law in the country, causing the state to lose out on thousands of self-employment startups each year.

The Challenges of Insourcing a CW Program

24 July 2013

Many companies assume that insourcing a contingent workforce management program is a simple way to cut costs. But Edward “EJ” Jackson, president of Provade, explains how insourcing the program can be more challenging than expected in The Staffing Stream. 

Web: Ways to Avoid Feds’ IC Wrath

24 July 2013

Working with independent contractors? Here are 15 ways to ensure you don’t end up as the next write-up on the Department of Labor’s website for misclassifying them as employees.