July 17, 2013


Why companies should conduct annual program evaluations; Do you know your risk exposure?

Why Annual Program Assessments Are a Must

17 July 2013

Spend through staffing firms is near its historical peak. Conducting a program assessment will help companies manage their costs by providing much needed information on the current status of their contingent workforce practices. 

Current Events Highlight Potential Program Risks

17 July 2013

Recent front-page headlines shine a spotlight on real contingent workforce risks that can have costly consequences to a company. 

A New Sourcing Approach to Meet Spikes in Demand

17 July 2013

A program manager shares her strategy for remaining prepared to meet unexpected spikes in demand.

Illinois Buyer Settles Sex Discrimination Case

17 July 2013

An Illinois manufacturer agreed to pay more than $27,000 to a temp who was refused a position due to her gender, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced.

Temp Help Services Costs Trend Up

17 July 2013

Staffing buyers are paying more for temporary staffing in the U.S. compared to last year, according to data released Friday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Ask ‘So What?’ of Your VMS Data

17 July 2013

When you see a chart or graph with your company’s data, is the purpose and value immediately clear, asks Scott Moorhouse, a consultant on Fieldglass’ business intelligence team, on The Staffing Stream.  

Denny’s Settles Temp Suit for $1.4 Million

17 July 2013

Denny’s restaurants in British Columbia must pay a group of 77 temporary workers from the Philippines C$1.43 million for failing to honor their contracts, The Toronto Star reports. The settlement is the first of its kind in Canada. 

SIA Research: Supplier Management Strategies Evolve

17 July 2013

As contingent workforce programs mature, the way they manage their suppliers evolves. The most common management strategies in use today include approved lists of suppliers, vendor management systems (VMSs), programs to encourage use of woman- and minority-owned suppliers, managed service providers... More