August 21, 2013


A contingent workforce manager shares lessons he learned after ending relationships with some suppliers; Online staffing is maturing.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

21 August 2013

A contingent workforce manager shares lessons he’s learned from breakups with staffing suppliers.

Feds Make Hospitality CW Buyers Pay

21 August 2013

Two contingent workforce buyers in the hotel industry and a staffing firm have been ordered to pay tens of thousands in settlements, according to announcements by the U.S. DOL.

Online Staffing Platforms Continue to Evolve

21 August 2013

Online Staffing platforms are less of an emerging phenomenon than they are a maturing one, and models are mutating to fit varying business needs.  

Blog: There’s a List for That

21 August 2013

The Staffing Industry Analysts’ Staffing Firm Market Landscape and Book of Lists is a one-stop shopping resource for companies engaged in all the main niches of staffing. Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram writes about its benefits to buyers in The Contingent Blog.

Few Large Employers Will Face ACA Penalties

21 August 2013

Relatively few large companies will pay a penalty because they don’t offer healthcare insurance when the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate begins in 2015, according to a study released by the Rand Corporation. 

Big Data Can Make Big Changes

21 August 2013

Big Data has to potential to make big changes in our personal and working lives. Kathleen Martin, vice president of managed programs for CDI Corp’s Global Staffing Services, explains how it can help companies find the talent they need and make the right hiring decisions in The Staffing... More

Keeping Your Contingent Workers Loyal

21 August 2013

Matthew Dickason, chief operating officer of Hays Talent Solutions, shares tips on keeping your contingent workforce loyal on Talent Talks.