April 10, 2013


Reasons behind various CW pricing models; What should be standard in a quarterly business review?

Choosing Among CW Pricing Models

10 April 2013

There is always tremendous interest and discussion among contingent workforce managers about the “right” way to price contingent labor. We explore  the reasoning behind the most common models.

Quarterly Business Reviews: What really is standard?

10 April 2013

Good quarterly business reviews show progress toward contingent workforce program initiatives and routinely include industry standard measures. Here are the basics for a review.

EEOC Guidance Complicates Background Check Process

10 April 2013

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity released new guidance last year over the use of background checks that led to confusion, but experts say background checks are still doable as long as firms remain within the rules.

Lottery Decides H-1B Visa Recipients

10 April 2013

Staffing users may not get the H-1B visas they want this year. As of Friday, more petitions for H-1B visas have been received than are slots available. 

What Does Your IT Workforce Look Like?

10 April 2013

The IT workforce is changing, and IT leaders will need to find ways to optimize their workers in the face of the changing landscape, writes Lee Penning, CIO of Collabworks Inc., in The Staffing Stream.

Canadian Bank Under Fire for Temp Usage

10 April 2013

Canada’s largest bank is under federal investigation after former employees allege they were replaced by temporary foreign workers, CBC News reports.

Who Is Least Engaged and Why?

10 April 2013

Your least engaged workers may not be whom you think, writes John Baldoni on the HBR Blog Network. Meanwhile, David Dye, owner and president of Trailblazer, writes about the primary management decision that affects employee engagement.