September 5, 2012


What are the benefits of incorporating SOW into a contingent workforce program?; As technology evolves, can your contingent workforce keep up?

The Benefits of Incorporating SOWs

5 September 2012

Once the new kids in town, Statement of Work (SOW) consultants are no longer something that programs are just talking about. SOW is here and gaining significant traction across programs of varying sizes and shapes. They are being included in more and more programs, creating the need to look at relevant... More

Can Labor Keep Up with Technology?

5 September 2012

As technology evolves at a surprising clip, how can you be sure your contingent workforce is keeping up?

Pontoon: Good News for Buyers and Strategic Partners

5 September 2012

Companies are looking for a bridge to the future and guidance in how to achieve their desired future state, which is why Adecco merged its MSP and RPO business lines into Pontoon, Global President Mike Wachholz tells Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram.  

Healthcare Reform Guidance Could Reduce Penalties

5 September 2012

New guidance put forth by the federal government last week could significantly reduce employer penalties under healthcare reform, which could translate to savings for staffing users if such penalties are substantially reduced.

Look in the Mirror

5 September 2012

Vendor management software has evolved greatly over the years, to the point where vendors are being evaluated at a robust and granular level. Companies are missing an opportunity, though, by not having the software turn inward, writes Doug Leeby in The Staffing Stream.

Why Employee Engagement Matters

5 September 2012

Companies benefit in many ways when their employees are engaged, emotionally invested in the company. Numerous studies support this assertion, writes Forbes contributor Kevin Kruse.