January 25, 2012


A program leader shares his MSP search process; European governments seek to ease regulatory burdens on employers.

Perspective: Finding the Right Suppliers

25 January 2012

A leader of a global CW program shares his process in identifying the right managed services providers for his company.

Europe: Less Regulation Ahead?

25 January 2012

European countries seek to ease regulatory burdens on employers.

News: Client, Staffing Firm Cited for Safety Violation

25 January 2012

A California distribution center was cited, along with its staffing provider, for unsafe working conditions that led to a worker’s injury.

Recruiting: Is Your Supplier Social?

25 January 2012

Last week, we wrote about how important it should be to users of contingent labor that their staffing suppliers use hi-tech methods to recruit. One such method is social recruiting, and it matters if your supplier is using it or not.

Around the Web: Unable to Retire; Temping is Worth it

25 January 2012

With their retirement funds decimated, many eldery are forced to keep working. Meanwhile, a writer lays out the case for temping.