February 15, 2012


A program manager discusses what's most important when selecting a VMS or MSP partner; ILO Convention 181 helps tame the wild staffing market in emerging economies. 

Perspective: Choosing the Right Vendor

15 February 2012

Don’t let the details distract you from what’s most important when choosing your MSP or VMS: expertise, culture and resources. 

Global: Contingent Staffing Regulations

15 February 2012

The legal environment for contingent labor is like the “Wild West” in some parts of the world. The UN’s International Labour Organisation has laid the groundwork to pave the way for CW usage globally.

News: Cloud Hiring Takes Off

15 February 2012

Earlier this month, eLance, an online platform that connects independent contractors and companies, announced it had secured funding to expand, which is a sign the business model has taken off. 

SIA Tools: Know Your Lingo to Hire Right

15 February 2012

If you want to get ahead in hiring the best candidate, you need to know the terms to use in your target country. Knowledge is power. Does your company have a handle on the most basic terms and lingo to address contingent work throughout Europe? Start here.

Around the Web: IC Misclassification; H2-B Visa Rule

15 February 2012

California joins the IRS in its efforts to reduce IC misclassification, while the DOL issued a final rule regarding its H2-B foreign labor visa program.