August 8, 2012


Successful supplier-client relationships take cooperation on both sides; Coming on the heels of the Agency Workers Regulations is pending legislation in the U.K. that changes pensions contributions to opt out rather than opt in.

Supplier-Client Relationships Are a Two-Way Street

8 August 2012

In his last article, Bryan Peña advised contingent workforce managers to give uncooperative suppliers the boot. This week, he clarifies that cooperation goes both ways.

Pensions Act Set to Distort UK Staffing Market

7 August 2012

If you were thinking that, with the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) in place, the U.K. staffing market is over the worst, you may want to pay some attention to the implications of the U.K. Pensions Act, which comes into effect in October. 

Industry (Not) Lost in Translation

8 August 2012

There are many small niches of within the contingent workforce, but one stands out as potentially important for corporate buyers.

Interns Are Contingent

8 August 2012

Since 2010, the Department of Labor has considered interns as employees — and expects them to be paid. Buyers have yet to recognize this fact, opening them up to stiff penalties, writes Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram in The Contingent Blog.

You Can't Save Your Way to Talent Prosperity

8 August 2012

For those of you just starting down the path of managed staffing or using more contingent labor, if you are only thinking about saving money, you might end up missing something: quality, writes Matt Rivera in The Staffing Stream.

Mass. Laws to Change Face of Staffing

8 August 2012

One piece of legislation signed this week by Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick promises to change the way business is done for staffing suppliers in the state. Another law signed this week bans mandatory overtime for nurses.