August 15, 2012


Why contingent workforce managers should re-think their no-contact policies; Online staffing services is growing, yet still relatively unheard of among large companies.

Buyer Mistakes: The No-Contact MSP Program

15 August 2012

While it once made sense to prohibit staffing suppliers from contact with hiring managers, buyers should rethink that policy, argues former procurement professional Bryan Peña.

Online Staffing: A Viable Choice

15 August 2012

Despite recent hype about online staffing, large corporations have not hopped on the online staffing bandwagon. But the model online staffing model can be a good choice for acquiring quality contingent labor.

Background Checker Must Pay $2.6 Million

15 August 2012

Companies increasingly rely on third-party vendors to conduct background checks on their candidates — traditional as well as contingent. But those firms must comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. One recently agreed to settle allegations that it violated the act. 

Managing Expectations While Reaching for the Sky

15 August 2012

Sometimes, reality just doesn’t live up to our expectations, even we know full well we are expecting too much. Erika Halverson shares in The Staffing Stream insights on how to avoid those let-down feelings when implementing a CW program or tool.

Factors that Define Independent Contractors

15 August 2012

There may be a straightforward approach to understanding the difference between an independent business/contractor and someone who is misclassified, writes Walter Branam on the Collabrus blog. Read more here.

How to Disagree with Your Boss

15 August 2012

As a contingent workforce manager, you may not always agree with your boss on strategy and program policies, and sometimes you may even be right. But how you present your differing opinions and ideas will affect your career, writes Joann S. Lublin at the Wall Street Journal.