May 31, 2011 - Vol.3.13


Learn how healthcare reform affects contingent worker usage. Plus the good news about EU Agency Workers Directive and client supplier relationships.

Feature: How Healthcare Reform Affects Temp Usage

26 May 2011

Rules governing health coverage for employees are being transformed. While the burden of the reform may appear to fall on suppliers of contingent workers, companies that use temps should none-the-less be familiar with the effects on their suppliers, as any effect on the supplier eventually may be... More

Perspective Column: Affordability of Health Insurance for Temps

26 May 2011

Is lack of health insurance coverage a turnoff for skilled  temps?

Behind the News: Agency Workers Directive: D-Day

26 May 2011

D-Day approaches for European staffing legislation

Because You Asked: Client-Supplier Relationship

26 May 2011

I have a great relationship with my primary staffing supplier. But we just implemented a VMS. Will that affect my relationship with my vendor?