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"To make it today, we have to rethink what we do and how we do it in every realm of our business, particularly when it comes to talent." Dan Pink, Author of best-sellers Free Agent Nation and A Whole New Mind

We are looking forward to welcoming back Dan Pink to the Contingent Workforce Strategies (CWS) Summit. You may have seen him at an earlier CWS Summit after he wrote Free Agent Nation. Since then he has written the instant classic A Whole New Mind and now Drive. This time around, Pink is delivering an important keynote address, "Drive: High Performance Motivation in a Free Agent World."

Watch a video message to CWS Summit attendees from Dan Pink.

Requires Windows Media Player which can be downloaded here.

Dan Pink will apply his unique perspective to the critical issues facing organizations as they transform their business to a workforce model with a growing proportion of contingent and other nontraditional workers. In this provocative keynote he uses four decades of behavioral research to reveal why the traditional approach to high performance backfires on most organizations and reveals new methods for attracting, engaging and motivating a blended workforce that is increasingly contingent.

The "carrot and stick" approach of motivating employees is old-fashioned. Pink shows that for 21st century work, we need to upgrade to autonomy, mastery and purpose. For generations, we've believed that the best way to inspire performance is through external rewards, financial and otherwise. In his latest New York Times best-selling book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, Pink turns this conventional wisdom on its head. In this groundbreaking work, he examines extensive research in behavioral science that calls into question how we run our businesses, our schools and many aspects of our lives.

Dan Pink is also a contributing editor at Wired and his articles and essays have also appeared in The New York Times, Harvard Business Review and Fast Company. He is a frequent guest on television and radio programs, and a consultant to companies large and small on human resources, communications and innovation. His important work is critically acclaimed and here's what some have said:

About Free Agent Nation: "Compelling . . . there is so much insightful information that the reader wants to underline almost every word." -- HR Magazine

About A Whole New Mind: "Will give you a new way to look at your work, your talent, your future." -- Worthwhile magazine

About his latest book, Drive: "Pink is rapidly acquiring international guru status . . . He is an engaging writer, who challenges and provokes." -- Financial Times

"[Pink] continues his engaging exploration of how we work." -- Inc. Magazine

Please join us at the 2010 CWS Summit for Dan Pink's keynote presentation, where he will share his thoughts on the workforce during these tumultuous times. In a message to CWS Summit attendees, he says:

"As we try to sort through what's going on and ask ourselves some questions about how to navigate the next few years, what's very clear is this: that after the Great Recession, the old rules no longer apply. To make it today, we have to rethink what we do and how we do it in every realm of our business, particularly when it comes to talent."

Register by August 27 for the early bird rate, plus if you use the promo code PINK, you'll save an extra $50. Don't miss the only conference that prepares you to manage your CW program to withstand whatever the economic cycle, business challenges and anything regulators throw at you.

If you have any questions or want to register by phone, please call Member Services at 800-950-9496. Visit for full conference details.


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