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Column Corner: Peek Under the Hood -- In a Twitter WorldCWS 30 May 2.10

Contingent Workforce Strategies 30

By Jim Lanzalotto

The proliferation and prevalence of microblogging sites such as Twitter provide windows into the daily world of users all over the world. Some we want to see; others not so much. Sometimes, though, what people have to say can be interesting. I've often wondered what a managed services provider (MSP) might have to say about its experiences while chasing a new contract with a prospective customer. To that end, here are my musings -- how I imagine an MSP sales pro would tweet his experiences during the process of a new business pitch. In 140 characters or less.

Name Mr. X

Location Anytown USA

Bio Head of Biz Dev for awesome managed staffing company

The Verdict
Just won the big one. Out for drinks with the team.
1 minute ago via web

No one will let me near the phone. They're sure I'll do something dumb to close the deal. Like lower the price. Deal heat is scary.
6 minutes ago via web

This pressure is interminable. Should I call and offer anything to win?
20 minutes ago via web

Man, do I wish for the old 3 martini lunch. Or b'fast in this case.
about 2 hours ago via web

Today's D-Day. We'll find out if we won the Spacely Sprockets deal. Us and 2 others.
about 4 hours ago via web

Now that we're done, I can tell everyone what we're pitching. 'twas Spacely Sprockets. US business only.
7 days ago via web

Just killed a presentation for a potential new client. Questions weren't too hard. Which is a little scary. Hope they like us.
8 days ago via web

In Perth Amboy for big pitch. Whole team here. Got the right message and right svc. And our CEO, too. Hope it doesn't come down to price.
8 days ago via web

On plane for pitch tomorrow. Got the deck, USB, handouts. Back-up projector -- never gonna do that again. Best suit I own.
9 days ago via web

Man am I going to sleep on this flight.
9 days ago via web

RFP Preparation
Just got the thumbs up. Presentation is in 7 days. Holy crap. 7 days!
16 days ago via web

Again on the pricing. It's got to be fair to everyone. We've got to make something on this deal.
16 days ago via web

Pricing feedback already? Knew it would come, but so soon? I hope HR is still in the game. Purchasing will kill this deal.
16 days ago via web

Just sent off RFP. Good night to sleep.
19 days ago via web

4 straight late nights. And tonight's an all-nighter for all of us.
20 days ago via web

I don't care if the questions are standard. We need to show how we're different.
20 days ago via web

Only a few weeks to prepare, this is a killer. Don't they realize no one wins when the finished product has to get out so fast?
21 days ago via web

We've got to make the pricing sing. A lot of different formats. Between purchasing building the RFP and this -- it's a price deal.
23 days ago via web

Price deals are killers. We need to make money. But not too much. But it's got to be fair to us, too.
25 days ago via web

They did. Hope they're right. Don't want to lose on pennies. The presentation is going to have a lot to do with it.
26 days ago via web

Finance is going to kill me on this one.
27 days ago via web

The RFP Arrives
Ts&Cs are getting a little iffy. Our lawyers ain't gonna love it. Especially when it comes to flow downs.
32 days ago via web

I like the fact that they're looking for hard examples of diversity programs. Too many comps are faking it.
32 days ago via web

I wish they'd stop having separate deals for VMS. Are they a partner or competitor?
33 days ago via web

What's this escrow nonsense? Why do we have to pay for the sins of scam operators like Chimes?
34 days ago via web

Questions about the suppliers are tough. I know they don't like MSPs, but we're here to help both sides.
34 days ago via web

This had to be procurement's deal. Not a lot about making hiring managers happy. Gotta be all about cost management.
34 days ago via web

Goes to show you, you need to work with everyone these days. HR. Procurement. Hiring managers. Suppliers. The VMS.
35 days ago via web

Need to line up a team for the conf call on RFP. Maybe legal, too. Hate getting them in so early, but we need to. Too much mumbo jumbo.
35 days ago via

Reading thru RFP. Questions much like others I've seen recently. Isn't anyone looking for originality? Hard to show how we're different.
35 days ago via web

Just got RFP for piece of new business. Been working on this deal for 2 years.
36 days ago via web


Jim Lanzalotto runs Scanlon.Louis, a strategy and marketing outsourcing firm that helps companies grow. He can be reached at or 610.212.5411.You can also follow him at


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