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Contingent Workforce Strategies 30, January 20, 2010 Reminder: CW Risk Forum
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Column Corner

Employment Law: Affirmative Action and Temps
Questions Employers Should Consider When Evaluating Their Obligations
By Eric H. Rumbaugh and Charmaine Butler

Feature PhotoDoes your business have an affirmative action plan (AAP)? Is it required to have an AAP? Is it permitted to have an AAP? If your business has an affirmative action duty, what does that entail and what does it mean for your contingent workforce? These have been difficult questions over the years, and the grey answers have, in many cases, resulted in litigation and several generations of rulings from the courts.

This year, many employers that did not previously have affirmative action duties may now face audits or record-keeping requirements, as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) includes AAP requirements. If a business is required to have an AAP, any systematic problem in classifying contingent workers can have very significant consequences -- consequences that can ripple out in several directions. ...

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Heard on the Street

Why SOW Rules

In Heard on the Street, we aim to report the backroom discussion about trends and leading-edge developments in the contingent workforce world. We are going to reveal what is really on the minds of the suppliers and other thought leaders in this space. Come get a glimpse of everything you wanted to know about CW but were too afraid to ask. ...

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Median Pay/Bill Rates, Senior-Level Office Positions

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Behind the News

Who's going to pay?
On Christmas Eve 2009, the U.S. Senate approved its version of the healthcare reform bill. If included in the final bill, the employer mandate in Senate version could mean more costs to employers, including users of contingent labor. Here's why. ...

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Legal Eagle

Contractors: Whistle blowers welcome
Employee misclassification is a growing problem in the Unites States. It's unclear exactly how much misclassifying employees costs the U.S. Treasury, but the Internal Revenue Service is on the warpath, ...

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Keys to CW Success

Staffing Industry Analysts' Products and Services

Legal Risks and Your Contingent Workforce
We're in a new crisis economy. Enforcement has stepped up. Are you prepared?

Come to the 2010 Contingent Workforce Risk Forum to get a solid plan to address your risks and exposures. In the coming years, you will most likely be hiring more, not fewer, contingent workers. And integral to that business strategy is paying close attention to the associated risks. Now is the time to prepare.

Join us at the second annual Contingent Workforce (CW) Risk Forum to hear an important keynote address "Legal Risks and Your Contingent Workforce" by Garry Mathiason of employment law giant Littler Mendelson. Plus learn best practices on how to mitigate risk around CW in areas including ...

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