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CWS 30 - 2.15 (August 4, 2010)

Contingent Workforce Strategies 30, August 4, 2010
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Feature Story

The Other SOW
Using statement of work consultants the right way
By Jason Ezratty

Feature PhotoThree programmers walk into a bar. After ordering beers and exchanging pleasantries, they begin discussing what they do for a living. All of them work at the same corporation. All of them develop internal applications that integrate with ERP systems. All of them have the same skill level and experience. However, one is an employee, one is a temp and the third a consultant. And each is compensated at very different levels under very different terms and conditions.

This scenario is not at all unique. Nearly every company has resources of multiple types performing the same or similar functions. There are two groups in corporations today: those trying to get the work done and those trying to ensure that work is getting done legally and cost-effectively. Blipping loudly on the radar of HR and procurement professionals -- seeking safeguards and savings against a multitude of threats -- are consultants sourced through statement of work (SOW) contracts, which are often costlier than other forms of contingent labor. ...

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Do you request your staffing firms to conduct background checks?
In the Spotlight
"Our suppliers feel they have a pretty fair playing field"
A Nationwide manager on running a successful CW program

Photo of Janis GlickFor our August issue, CWS 30 spoke with Janis Glick, manager, supply management services, external resources, at Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co., a private company based in Columbus, Ohio. ...

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Average June bill rates by region

July 2.13 Benchmark

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Behind the News

Take Background Checks Seriously
How seriously do you take your background checks? Your attitude could make the difference in getting a thoroughly scrutinized recruit as opposed to a contingent worker who is not screened. A recent survey by Staffing Industry Analysts revealed that ...

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Because You Asked

Do you have any recommendations to mitigate the risk of using independent contractors in the U.K.?
-- Watchful in Wisconsin.

Dear Watchful,
It's a good question. And more important in the United Kingdom, we have a ...

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Keys to CW Success

Staffing Industry Analysts' Products and Services

What is your rate IQ?
Strategies for Managing Contingent Worker Costs, Based on Q2 report on Rate Intelligence

CW program owners know that there are a number of different management techniques, tools, and third-party offerings that can be used to better manage rates. We'll provide data and examples of what Fortune 1000 companies, in a wide variety of industries, utilizing multiple sourcing models, are doing to ensure they are receiving competitive rates from their contingent workforce suppliers. Join Bryan Peña, Director of Contingent Workforce Strategies and research to find out their secrets and how you can manage costs effectively for your organization now!

How do you know when your rate structure needs to change?
Why would you consider a bill rate strategy over a pay rate plus mark-up?
How do other companies manage their contingent worker rates? ...

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