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CWS 30 - 2.13 (July 7, 2010)

Contingent Workforce Strategies 30, July 7, 2010
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Feature Story

On the Horizon
Will the VMS as we know it survive?
By Jason Ezratty

Feature PhotoHuman resources are the most valuable resources your company has. It has been drilled into our heads so many times we've taken to drilling it into the heads of others. We also promote the idea that contingent workers are now critical to strategy, growing in quantity and importance. How, therefore, have enterprise resource planning (ERP) software giants completely missed the emergence of contingent resources over the past decade?

Indeed, the likes of SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and Ariba each appeared as potential category killers. However, they seemed to disappear as quickly as they entered -- and sometimes repeatedly so. To the credit of native VMS market leaders, it appears to be because they just don't appreciate the nuances of contingent labor. For the amount of revenue at stake, contingent workforce management solutions require a lot of work from specialized and experienced personnel. Along with ERP contestants, the competitive landscape of VMS software and services is rich with diversity, with sizable foes threatening to enter the contingent workforce management technology arena. ...

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In the Spotlight
Contingent workforce is here to stay
How your program can help meet your company's strategic goals

Photo of Jennifer ConleyFor our July issue, CWS 30 spoke with Devra Keenan, AVP at New York Life. New York Life is a Fortune 100 company with more than $280 billion in assets under management with offices in the United States and abroad. ...

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Average bill rates for occupations with largest employment growth

July 2.13 Benchmark

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Behind the News
Law suit around H-1Bs
The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency was sued by the TechServe Alliance -- the national trade association representing IT services -- in early June. The suit targets a USCIS rule that information technology staffing firms are not "U.S. employers" ...
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Because You Asked

Our corporation is thinking of expanding our contingent labor program to Europe. What would be the friendliest market to start with? Currently we have operations in the Netherlands.

-Surveying in San Antonio, Texas. ...

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Keys to CW Success

Staffing Industry Analysts' Products and Services

Contingent Work Legal, Legislative and Regulatory Update

The legal environment for contingent work is changing rapidly. From court rulings to new legislation to changes in regulations, the flow of new information to keep up with can be daunting. And just ignoring those changes can be costly to you and your contingent workforce program if you aren't prepared.

This information-packed webinar will help you sift through the merely interesting developments to find those that are truly important. Attendees will get a concise update on the most critical changes that will affect contingent work at the local, state and national levels. All of it brought to you by the employment law experts at Littler Mendelson, the nation's leading law firm focused on providing employment law counsel to corporations. ...

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