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CWS 30 - 2.12 (June 16, 2010)

Contingent Workforce Strategies 30, June 16, 2010
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Column Corner

What's the Yardstick?
Consider program goals when deciding on the metrics to include in your contract
By Bryan T. Peña

Feature PhotoI am going to be renegotiating contracts for my managed service provider and temporary labor suppliers soon. As part of this renegotiation, I want to add specific performance language and perhaps even non-performance penalties, specifically as it relates to time-to-fill, which is horribly long currently. What should I be paying attention to? What is a good time-to-fill number?

There is a saying at Staffing Industry Analysts: "In God we trust; all others must bring data." Another saying that fits is: "That which cannot be measured cannot be improved." I firmly believe in data and measurements, but unfortunately the answer to your question may not be entirely what you are looking for, because the only real and honest answer is "it depends."...

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Heard on the Street

Hear Shot"I think companies are going to be surprised by how the extended 1099 reporting is going to affect their processes. The government is expecting to bring in an additional $17 billion over the next 10 years in revenue because of this change."

-- Patricia Griffin, President, ICon Professional Services

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Indemnification Agreements

June 2.12 Benchmark

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Behind the News
Germany: Discriminating against temps
Europe's largest drugstore chain, Schlecker, was accused of firing staff and then re-employing them via its in-house temporary employment agency -- Meniar -- at almost half the usual hourly wage. But thanks to intense political and public pressure ...
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Legal Eagle
Arizona's Immigration Law
Employers watch out. Arizona's new law aimed at illegal immigrants targets employers, too, because companies that knowingly hire undocumented workers are subject to penalties under the new law. While companies that knowingly hire illegal immigrants in Arizona ...
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Keys to CW Success

Staffing Industry Analysts' Products and Services

Statement of Work Management:
What you Need to Know and How to Get Started

Are you leaving money on the table?
As CW programs expand and demonstrate success in managing the supply base, organizations often look to new service categories to expand their program scope and drive savings. One of the hottest categories today is managing statement of work (SOW) consulting, which can encompass everything from one person consulting shops to the McKinsey's and Bain's of the world.

Join Barry Asin, President of Staffing Industry Analysts and Bryan Pena, Staffing Industry Analysts' Director of Contingent Workforce Strategies and Research for this informative webinar where we will review tactical considerations and address the following questions. ...

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