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World – Staffing firms find long-term unemployment worse than criminal records

20 September 2012

Recruiters say that it is easier to place someone with a criminal record into employment than a long-term unemployed, according to new research by Bullhorn, a provider of online recruiting software.  

The anonymous survey of 1,500 recruiters looked at what might hold a jobseeker back from landing a new job.

Apart from long-term unemployment, job hopping was also regarded to have a negative impact on employment prospects. If you believe the survey, you could hardly do worse.

According to 39% of recruiters, the single biggest obstacle for an unemployed candidate in regaining employment is having a history of “hopping jobs,” or leaving a company before one year of tenure.

31% consider being out of work for more than a year as the greatest challenge in regaining employment, followed by having gaps in your employment history (28%).

Other findings showed that age also plays an important role in placing a jobseeker. 70% said that it is easiest to find work for candidates in their 30s. Respondents said that there is greater demand for candidates in their 40s than for those in their 20s while only 1% of recruiters felt those in their 50s were the easiest to place.

Some recruiters said that being unemployed can lead to being unemployable altogether. If someone has been without work for more than a year, the chances of finding a new post drop dramatically, according to 36% of respondents. 17% said that being unemployed for fewer than six months would still make it difficult to place someone in a job and 4% feel it is difficult to place anyone unemployed, no matter the duration.

The survey found that getting fired also cools job prospects with 78% of recruiters saying this “most severely” damages a candidate’s employment prospects.

“One of the most frustrating elements of a job search is the silence – not knowing whether you’re even being considered for an interview. We wanted to help shed some light on what goes on in the minds of recruiters,” said Art Papas, founder and CEO of Bullhorn.

“Being informed can help candidates avoid certain traps and increase their likelihood of getting a job. The bottom line is that recruiters understand what their clients value most and certain factors, whether controllable or not, will impact a person’s chances of landing a job.”


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