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World - Employee outlook for 2012 shows mixed picture

15 December 2011

In most countries around the globe employees feel slightly positive about 2012. In 21 of the 30 countries surveyed, employees expect to have more disposable income compared to 2011, according to the latest Workmonitor published by Randstad, the world's second largest staffing firm. 

In 18 countries out of 30, respondents feel their employer is entering a better year financially compared with 2011. With very positive exceptions in Argentina and Chile where 93% and 96% of the respective employees feel 2012 will be a better year for their organisation. In the Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Japan and The Netherlands, employees expect 2012 to be a difficult year.

Salary does not reflect performance 

In most countries, at least 60% of employees feel that their salary does not reflect their performance, which could be related to uncertain economic times. These numbers run especially high in Poland, Hungary (both 79%) and Greece (81%). More than 80% of the employees in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, India and Mexico expect to receive a pay rise, bonus or improvement in employee benefits. European employees have lower expectations, around a third or less expects to see any improvements in this area.

Willingness to move for a job 

In general, employees do not want to move abroad for a better job. Less than a third of respondents worldwide would do so. In China and India, however, employees do not have problems with relocation: 64% and 58% respectively would move if the right job came along. In some cases, a pay rise serves as an incentive, although employees in Denmark, Japan, Luxembourg and Switzerland indicate they want to stay put even if there is a pay rise connected to a job for which they have to move.

Employee confidence 

In several countries the number of employees confident about finding another job within the next six months has declined, with the lowest scores in Greece and India. Greek employees have the highest fear of job loss and they are more aware of the risks of being made redundant than previously.

Mobility Index rises to 105 

The Mobility Index increased to 105 from 103 in Q3, 2011. The Mobility Index in Canada soared (+12) in the last quarter and employees are more active in their job search. Also in Belgium, Switzerland and Argentina mobility numbers have increased. Only in Singapore the Mobility Index has declined.

Job satisfaction: no movement 

Satisfaction with the current employer is roughly at the same level as in previous quarters. In Europe, Norwegian, Danish and Dutch employees are the most satisfied. Outside Europe, Mexico and India rank highest. Japan has the least satisfied employees.

Personal motivation 

The most ambitious employees can be found in Turkey and Italy as well as in Mexico and India. Employees in the Nordics and Japan are not very much focused on getting a promotion. 

To read the full Randstad Workmonitor, please click here



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