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UK – REC hits back at Ed Miliband for demonising recruitment industry

25 September 2013

In response to Ed Miliband’s speech at the Labour Party conference, where he accused recruitment agencies of hiring exclusively from overseas and discriminating against UK job seekers, Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) CEO Kevin Green said: “This is the third time we have heard him say this about our sector and it is simply not true. We have asked for the evidence and nothing has been produced. Rather than engaging in name calling politics, Labour should be building relationships with key business sectors, especially one that focuses on getting people into work

“Employers and the recruiters that help them have to look to the EU and beyond to source the skills they so desperately need. Politicians should do more to support UK businesses who are keen to hire staff rather than adding further red tape. Ed Miliband should focus less on demonising the recruitment industry and more on how we should train and invest in our young people so that they are better placed to get the jobs available,” he added.

The Labour Party has focused on recruitment in the run up to its annual Labour Party conference, this year held in Brighton, England. As it gears up for the general election in 2015, party leader Ed Miliband, along with other members of the party, has made employment issues one of their central party themes.

During his Party address in Brighton Mr Miliband proposed an immigration bill that would restrict the ability of large firms to recruit out with the European Union, unless they also hired a British apprentice. Ed Miliband has also promised to tackle controversial zero-hours contracts, with Kevin Green insisting that his proposals went too far, adding more cost and complexity to employment.

Last month the Labour Party was forced to back down following accusations against major retailers for unscrupulous employment practices. Labour MP Chris Bryan accused companies of favouring the recruitment of foreign workers over local people.  


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Mark 26/09/2013 5:04 am

Another classic example of a politician who has most likely never worked in industry or ever had a job in the real world, trying to tell business how to operate. these people are farcical.

Eco Personnel (UK) Ltd

Carl 25/09/2013 8:36 am

Well spoken Kevin Green
This is not the first time Milliband has spoken out on employment issues without having any idea of the reality.
I recall that during the past year he stated it wrong that after three months temporary works do not get the same rate of pay as equivalant permanent colleagues -he clearly received no briefing on the AWR.
Whoever is responsible for briefing him is clearly not up to the task - and this guy believes he could be the next PM!

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