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UK – Employment wanderlust strikes

09 August 2013

UK workers are increasingly dissatisfied with their career choice, according to ‘The Seven Year Itch’, a new report by recruitment firm Office Angels. A third of office workers are thinking of a career change; with a further third already planning to switch job. Over half (56%) of workers would like to do something completely different, with 13% planning to make the change in the next year. 

The report showed that a third of people didn’t receive any careers advice before they started work and, as a result, Office Angels reports that more and more people are seeking careers advice later on in their careers.

Just 1% of respondents stated that the sole reason they wanted a career change was financial, suggesting this trend is not a product of a difficult employment market. Workers instead feel their role no longer satisfies their emotional, intellectual, or creative needs and therefore increasingly have an ‘itch’ to do something new.

Office Angels asked employees how often they expect to ‘job hop’ during their careers. The research found that 44% expect to change career between 3-5 times. 13% expect 10 different careers. And just 4% expect to have one profession for all their working life.

A desire to job hop is particularly prevalent amongst the young, with 25% of those aged 16-34 aiming for 8-12 jobs throughout their career.

Angela Smith, Operations Director, Office Angels said: “The modern world of work has changed beyond all recognition over the last 50 years. In the 1960s, most jobs were viewed as a job for life. Whether that was a secretary, surveyor or solicitor, the job you were doing at 22 would likely be the same job you were doing at 52. The same was true for your loyalty to an employer. You were likely to spend your entire working life with just the one, possibly two employers.”

“50 years on and it’s a very different world. An increasing number of professionals, such as accountants and architects, are finding that their chosen profession is no longer satisfying their needs. More and more are breaking free and doing completely different things. Our research stresses the importance of good careers advice throughout a person’s working life. A well-prepared candidate is more likely to be equipped for the workplace and make lasting careers choices. At the same time, it is important that employers focus on establishing a workplace that meets the needs of their employees and as a result retains their top talent,” she added.  


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