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The Next Phase Begins Today

21 April 2011

When you go to www.staffingindustry.com today you will arrive at our new membership system. If you are a registered user, your current login and password will work on our new system. If you need help with password recovery please contact member services at memberservices@staffingindustry.com or call us at (800) 950-9496.

Our new membership system has the following new features:

  • After you log in you are taken to a dashboard page — the dashboard is the place in which you can save searches, set up notifications, select topics that are interesting to you, reset your password. It makes the system about your needs and interests related to your membership.
  • You can now see all stories published in the Staffing Industry Daily News — you no longer have to go back and forth between email and the Daily News.
  • Europe has its own home page — if you are European subscriber you now see all of the European content. If you are not a European subscriber, but want to stay up on what is going on in Europe, you may access the Europe home page and see headlines and the Western European Daily News.
  • Redesigned search — once you search on something you can better filter searches by author, by date, by related topics.
  • Ability to rate and rank content — give us feedback; we want to know how you feel about the research we publish. We will review the ratings regularly.
  • Why it matters — on each research page we have a section on why this piece of research matters — this way you will easily know if this is the right piece of research for you.
  • Corporate administrative functions — administrators will now have special functionality whereby they can add users, delete users, etc. Member services is always available to help if you need help.
  • Saved searches — you can now save searches that you are interested in and regularly re-run them. All you have to do is run a search, click on save and then you will find your saved searches in the dashboard.
  • Notifications — if you want to know when we write something new, set up a notification for a topic, and you will receive an email every time there is a new piece of content.

We are very excited about our new system. We hope that you visit and use your membership system often. If you would like to give us feedback, please click on the comment link on the site.


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