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Spain — Government announces -87% reduction in new public sector jobs

01 April 2010
Deputy Prime Minister Maria Teresa de la Vega has announced that the number of new public sector job offers (OEP) for 2010 will be reduced by -87% from 15,084 new job offers in 2009 to only 1,989 this year, Spanish daily Expansion reports.

The reduction in new public sector jobs is part of the government's 'Austerity Plan' and intends to reduce public sector spending on personnel by -4% or -280 million Euro. Details of public sector re-structuring will be published on 9 April 2010.
The government plans also include restrictions on temporary employment in government (to be specified) and new measures to integrate people with disabilities in the public sector workforce.
Minister for the Economy and Business, Elena Salgado, commented, "the government will make a maximum effort to rationalise its own sector, which will include a considerable reduction in the number of government agencies."
"There are [government] agencies which have connected tasks and which could work as one unit." The minister urged local governments to make similar efforts.