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Norway - Hiring mistakes costly but kept secret

13 June 2011

Two out of three managers have made mistakes by hiring the wrong person but believe that they cannot admit this, according to new research carried out by staffing agency Proffice among 992 managers and 1,222 workers.

Seven out of ten managers think that Norwegian labour law makes it too difficult to sack people once it has been established that the wrong person has been hired.

84% of Norwegian managers believe that it is easy to hire the wrong person in a situation where staff areis needed quickly. Only 26% insist on references, which were not initially provided. Only 14% 'google' their future employees.

Another important finding of the research is that managers admit to relying far too much on their 'gut feeling' during the recruitment process rather than on facts. More than 50% of managers know that they have demonstrated poor leadership in hiring the wrong person but would never admit this to either their colleagues or their boss.

Per Bergerud, Managing Director of Proffice Norway, commented "hiring is one of the most important things a manager does. Our survey shows that one third of Norwegian managers think that hiring the wrong person could easily cost their companies half a million Kroner (64,000 Euro) all things considered."

"It is puzzling that managers use too little time to hire the right people in an environment that makes it extremely difficult to get rid of the wrong person."


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