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Germany – Contract work a necessity for the German economy

19 September 2013

In the run up to the elections in Germany, contract work has been a polarising issue, according to Business for Business Schwaben. Politicians have reportedly pulled out all the stops and the subject of temporary work has been flogged to death, with politicians making one promise after another in a bid to secure votes.

Wolfgang Braunmüller, CEO of staffing firm Augusta Personnel services GmbH, has been critical of the exaggerations of the political parties. “When I watch the debates on the abuses of contract work, I get the impression that in order to conclude all contract work we need to avoid collective wages. That is not effective.”

“If the implementation of work and service contracts are restricted, as is being demanded by some politicians and unions, it will result in irreparable damage to the German economy. There would also be an immense negative impact on the German labour market,” added Mr Braunmüller.

According to Mr Braunmüller the skilled craftsman industry would die without contract work. For many craftsmen contract work is the basis for their business. If the politicians were to successfully limit this type of contract, many craftsmen would no longer be able to find work. This would be a disaster to the economy as skilled craftsmen are a mainstay of the German economy, stated Mr Braunmüller.

What particularly annoys Wolfgang Braunmüller is that abuses of contract works are often mentioned in the same breath as the temporary employment sector. Something he considers propaganda and to polarise the unions. Certainly there are temporary recruitment companies that arrange for contract work with their customers. However, there are isolated cases that do not reflect the vast majority of the temporary employment industry.   


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