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Europe - Eurociett welcomes Partnership between Employment Services

28 September 2011

The European Confederation of Private Employment Agencies (Eurociett) welcomes the 'Partnership between Employment Services initiative' (PARES) launched today by DG Employment of the European Commission and encourages public employment services around Europe to start a dialogue with the private employment sector in order to achieve the 2020 employment targets.
Eurociett President, Annemarie Muntz, who will speak at the PARES launch event being held in Brussels on 28 and 29 September, commented "Europe's workers and European employment levels will benefit from strong co-operation between all labour market intermediaries."

"In countries where cooperation already exists it must develop further, and in countries where public and private employment services are far from co-operating, PARES represents a new forum to communicate and start the dialogue."

Muntz will emphasise the importance of a smooth synergy between employment services with complementary strengths. She will cite best practice examples of cooperation between public and private employment services from around Europe that have resulted in higher levels of labour market participation and reduced unemployment:
In France for example, the public employment service (Pole Emploi) and the federation of private employment agencies (Prisme) worked together after the crisis to provide jobseekers with a full range of HR services, which was effective in speeding up the return to work and reducing segmentation between long-term unemployed and unemployed.

In the Netherlands, the public and private employment services organise regular 'speed-dating' sessions where new jobseekers are interviewed by representatives of both the private and public sector and often leave with a job offer.

Muntz concluded "high unemployment levels ranging from 4% to 20% still persist in Europe with an average of 20% among young people out of work. Coupled with skills shortages and mismatches, these are a call to action for all of us. If we do not implement effective employment services partnerships we could end up with a lost generation.

"Effective co-operation can deliver better functioning labour markets with high employment rates and workers with the skill-sets to carry out the jobs available."


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