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Europe – A negative view from Monster

14 August 2012

Following our report of Monster’s Employment Index Europe the company has produced detailed country by country reports for Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK. Despite the fairly gloomy outlook with declines listed for five out of the six countries; there are bright spots such as Hospitality and tourism (+ 21 %) in Italy and quite surprisingly public Sector, defence, community +23%, in the UK.

The Monster Employment Index Belgium records an annual decline of -4% in July, extending a trend of year-over-year reductions that began in September 2011. “As the wider economic problems continue to affect Belgium’s economy, a mild fall in online recruitment is not unexpected,” says Warren Hammond, General Manager Monster Benelux. “However, the strong growth in several key sectors including Sales (+14%) and Accounting, audit, taxes (+12%) is a positive example of where we see increased demand for talent. We’re eager to see this trend expands to other sectors in order to create a more fortified employment climate for Belgium as a whole.” 

Arts, entertainment, sports, leisure (-20%) registered the most significant annual reduction in online recruitment demand and proved the weakest performing industry for the fifth consecutive month; followed by Transport, post and logistics (-16%)  and the Public sector, defence and community (-14%).Only two of the nine occupational groups monitored by the Index recorded annual growth in July: skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery (+9%) and professionals at +3%.

All regions continue to register declines in annual online recruitment activity, with the Flemish region noting the most significant annual reductions.

In France the Monster Employment Index registered a decline in online recruitment of 10% year-over-year, compared to 14% in June. As Gilles Cavallari, vice president of Monster France and Southern Europe put it: “Despite July’s Index showing a fall in online job opportunities year-over-year, the rate of decline has lessened this month. This is a small but positive sign that some underlying drivers of job creation might have improved modestly”, and adding “Certainly opportunities in the healthcare and social work sector continue to grow (+10%), accompanied also by increases in environment, production and manufacturing and research and development. It will be interesting to see if this growth is sustained over the coming months.”

Four of the 21 industries appear to note annual gains in online recruitment activity in the July. These include: Healthcare, Environment, Architecture, Urbanism (+7%), Production, manufacturing, maintenance, repair (+5%) and R&D (+1%).  Management and consulting charted the greatest rate of decline in the Index, down -20%.

Of the nine occupational groups in the Index only Elementary occupations saw annual growth accelerate in July at +5%.

All regions of France see fewer opportunities in online recruitment than a year ago.

The Monster Employment Index Italy registered a mild decline of -1% year-over-year in July, following a slight increase in June.“Despite an overall fall in online job opportunities year-over-year in July’s Index, the rate of decline is mild in comparison to previous months,” commented Nicola Rossi, country manager, Monster Italy. “While Italy continues to feel the impact of an uncertain wider economy, it is encouraging to see a third of all industries (seven of the 21) exhibiting annual growth in July.”

Demand for job opportunities in Hospitality and Tourism (+21%) rose significantly in July and led all industries for the third consecutive month, in-line with seasonal trends. Education, Training and Library (+8%) exhibited annual growth for the fourteenth consecutive month. Other risers included Production, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Repair (+4%), Management and Consulting (+3%), and Arts, Entertainment, Sport, Leisure (+3%) reported a significant uptick in online recruitment activity year-over-year, following a -1% decline in Jun

The Marketing, PR and media and Legal sectors (both down by -16 %) registered the least demand for online job opportunities of all industries compared to a year ago. The second largest drop was for the Banking, finance and insurance sector (-13 %), which saw a continued decline in online recruitment year-over-year, and has not seen growth for the past 13 months

Four of the nine occupational groups monitored by the Index in July noted annual gains in online recruitment activity: Elementary occupations (+26%), Service and sales workers (+4%) and Technicians and associate professionals (+3%). However Managers (-14%), Craft and related trades workers (-11%) and Plant and machine operators, and assemblers (-11%) all declined substantially.

All regions exhibit decline in annual growth compared to year-ago levels

The Monster Employment Index Netherlands (-18 %) continues to report reductions in online recruitment year-over-year but registers the mildest decline of the past four months. “The rate of contraction is slightly improved compared to June, bolstered by the increased demand across healthcare where we see year-over-year growth for the first time in four months,” commented Warren Hammond, managing director of Monsterboard.nl. “Interestingly, while recruitment of managerial positions continues to decline, July’s Index reports demand for lower-level positions, which is good news for younger members of the professional workforce who are looking to advance.”

Healthcare, social work (+2%) is the only sector of the 19 monitored by the Index reported growth in online recruitment in July.  While Public sector, defence, community work fell a whopping -32% compared to year-ago levels.  Administrative, organisation (-28%) prolonged its negative down-swing for the sixteenth consecutive month in July. Other major fallers were Marketing, PR and media (-27%), Sales (-22%) and Hospitality and Tourism (-19%).

Elementary groups are the only occupation to report an increase in online recruitment demand year-over-year. All regions note reduced opportunities in online hiring in July
The Monster Employment Index Sweden illustrates online hiring in July matching year ago levelsAccording to Carl Silverstolpe, managing director, Monster Scandinavia, this “is not a discouraging sign given all of the economic uncertainly across Europe.”

Five of the 17 industry sectors tracked by the Index saw increased annual online hiring activity in July: IT (+25 %) was the strongest sector, continuing the positive trend established in February 2010 and registering the strongest rise since August 2011. Marketing, PR and Media (+13 %) was the second highest growth sector and noted a fifth successive month of annual growth.  In addition Education, training and library was up by +10%, Administrative, organisation by+8% and production, manufacturing, maintenance, repair by +3%.

Construction and extraction (-8%) registered the greatest decline in job opportunities year-over-year; with demand notably down for Craft and related trades workers. While Hospitality and tourism continued a sixteen month negative trend, (-7%).

Three of the nine occupational groups saw higher annual demand in the Index in July: Clerical support workers (+13%), Professionals (+10%) and Technicians and associate professionals (+1%). The largest decliners were Managers (-11%), Elementary occupations (-9%) and Plant and machine operators, and assemblers (-8%).

Västsverige notes the strongest rate of annual increase of all regions monitored by the Index with opportunities up nine %

The Monster Employment Index UK registers a -3% decline in July, the first overall negative growth trend in 30 months. According to Julian Acquari, Managing Director of Monster UK & Ireland: “It’s disappointing to see the online job market showing an annual decline, with the Eurozone debt crisis continuing to affect companies’ recruitment plans, however there are still positive signs for a few select sectors…research and development is charting its highest annual growth rate for four months, However these pockets of growth are currently counterbalanced by declines in the banking, marketing and construction industries. Once the seasonal stagnation over the summer months subsides we may see this start to turn.”

Six of the 21 industry sectors monitored by the Index exhibited annual growth in July. Surprisingly Public Sector, defence, community charts the highest online recruitment growth year-over-year at +23%. This was driven by increased demand for part-time and voluntary positions helped in part by the Olympics. In addition, the following sectors also recorded a growth in online activity: Research and development (+10%), Transport, post and logistics (+5%), Engineering (+4%) and Hospitality and tourism (+3%).

By contrast, Banking, finance, insurance sees the largest decline in recruitment activity year-over-year (-13%), followed by Construction and extraction (-12%), Marketing, PR and media (-12%), Production, manufacturing, maintenance, repair (-11%), Sales (-8%).

Only three of the nine occupational groups monitored by the Index recorded annual growth rates in July: Plant and machine operators, and assemblers (+3%), Skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery workers (+2%) and Clerical support workers (+1%). Top decliners were Elementary occupations (-33%), Service and sales workers ( -16%) and Craft and related trades workers (-11%).

The Midlands continues to lead all regions, but only grew by +1% growth year-over-year. Wales showed further decline for the seventh consecutive month.

To read the reports in full go to: http://www.about-monster.com/employment/index/17


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