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Around the Web – Romanian report highlights graduate “immobility”

01 March 2012

Youth unemployment is high in many European countries and particularly in Eastern European states. A study by the Romanian trade union, BNS, has now shown that half of Romanian graduates become unemployed or “inactive”.

The study found that only 45% of graduates find work after graduation, while 37% soon become unemployed and 18% become inactive after graduation, something which emphasises the widening skills gap as critics argue that the educational system does not efficiently prepare graduates for the job market.

The president of the trade union, Dumitru Costin, said that 10% of the employed population did not keep the same job in 2011, which tops results from previous year when these figures reached 8% in 2009 and 7% in 2010. He also pointed out that out of the 10%, around one quarter switched jobs, while the rest became unemployed or inactive.

People with fewer educational qualifications are three times more likely to become unemployed or inactive, the study on workforce mobility indicated. Interestingly, those working in agriculture, real estate transactions and construction are said to be most at risk while only 20% of agricultural workers lost their jobs in 2011.

"Less than 2% of the employed population is looking for a job. The least interested in changing their job are public sector employees with higher education, especially those working in public administration, defence or welfare. Despite the salary cuts, the lack of alternatives and perhaps the existence of certain non-salary benefits may explain this," said Mr Costin.

In 2011 Romania had a long-term unemployment rate of 58% in 2011, an +8% increase from the previous year. "Reforms should provide a general framework to stimulate labour demand and direct resources to protect people during a workplace transition, or when moving from unemployment or inactivity to reintegration, focusing on disadvantaged categories [such as young people without higher education in rural areas]," said the union leader. 

To read the full report in Romanian language, click here


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