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France - CCLD acquires Frégates

7 June 2011

Lyon-based staffing agency CCLD Recrutement has acquired 100% of the shares of Frégates, the HR recruitment software and services specialist with offices in Paris and Lyon for an undisclosed amount.

CCLD was founded in 1991 and specialises in the provision of Sales, Marketing and Distribution personnel....

Finland - Agency employment most common among the young

7 June 2011

The average number of employed individuals in 2010 was 2,120,000, which is almost unchanged compared with 2009, according to the new Labour Force Survey 2010, published today, by Statistics Finland (Tilastokeskus).

1,789,000 of all employees were on permanent employment contracts while 329,000 (16%) were...

UK - Employee engagement key to avoiding mass strike action, says CIPD

7 June 2011

With reference to Business Secretary Vince Cable's speech at the GMB union's conference yesterday, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) urges government to build public sector leadership and management skills and improve communication and consultation to help stave off the worst...

Russia - Falling behind other BRIC economies

7 June 2011

The Russian Federation has been falling behind other large emerging BRIC economies, China, India and Brazil as productivity has been stagnating. However, the country has the potential to grow at similar levels to the other BRICs, provided it takes policy action to raise competitiveness, according to...

Greece - Pensions for the dead highlight Greek tragedy

7 June 2011

New data cross-checks ordered by the Greek government have revealed that almost 4,500 deceased civil servants have continued to receive their pensions burdening the tax payer with more than 16 million Euro, according to Labour Minister Louka Katseli.

The government has promised a crackdown on social security...

UK - Small firms would take on more staff if NICs were reduced

7 June 2011

Small firms would employ new staff if the government reduced National Insurance Contributions (NICs), new figures from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) confirm.

Small businesses continue to be stifled by challenges that affected them during the recession, including late payments from other firms...

Belgium/France - Adecco receives fine for racism

6 June 2011

According to Belgian Newspaper, De Standaard, the Court of First Instance of Brussels has sentenced staffing agency Adecco Belgium to pay 25,000 Euro to SOS Racisme and a symbolic fine of one Euro to the socialist union, ABVV, for racist practices in employment.

The case goes back as far as 2001 when...

Italy - Agency employment up +25.1%

6 June 2011

The seasonally adjusted sum of wages paid to agency temporary employees was up by +25.1% in April 2011 compared with April 2010, according to the latest data published by the bilateral organisation for temporary employment representing employers' associations and unions (Ebitemp).

Month-on-month, the...

UK - Job opportunities down but +18% up y-o-y

6 June 2011

Job opportunities across the country slipped back for the second month running, down -4 Index points (-3%) in May 2011 compared with April 2011, according to the latest Job Index published by job board reed.co.uk, which stands at 121.

Salaries for new jobs have also slipped down, and are now -2% lower...

Austria - Less red tape due to skills shortages

6 June 2011

The Association of Austrian Industry (IV) has welcomed the proposals by Science and Research Minister, Karlheinz Töchterle, to simplify the recognition process for professional qualifications, which were obtained outside Austria.

The Minister proposes that there should in future only be one organisation,...