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The Netherlands – Staffing market expected to shrink as temporary billings drop

21 February 2012

The staffing market in the Netherlands, the fourth largest in Europe, has been hit by the economic downturn and a report published today by the Dutch bank, ING, forecasts a decline of revenues by -5% for the coming year as temporary billings are also reported to have dropped sharply in January.

The report...

Germany – Temporary employment agencies optimistic for 2012

21 February 2012

Temporary employment agencies remain optimistic for the first half of 2012 as they expect the number of temporary staff to increase. The association of temporary employment agencies in Germany (BAP) has published its latest index on temporary staffing and found that 60% of surveyed agencies expect the...

Norway – Another round of strikes against the AWD shakes government

21 February 2012

The debate on whether the European Agency Work Directive (AWD) should be implemented in Norway continues as, this afternoon, trade unions once more gather around Parliament, demanding the government veto the directive.

Resistance against the AWD is growing and today’s strikes take on the motto of "No...

UK – Adecco blames education system for “lost workforce”

21 February 2012

Leading employers, including Adecco, have claimed that the British education system is failing businesses and the national workforce as the skills gap of school leavers and college graduates is widening and failing to meet the needs of employers. 

This is according to a project by Adecco called ‘Unlocking...

Germany – Skills shortage boosts temporary employment

21 February 2012

The demand for a flexible workforce in Germany has been on the increase for years and managers are now getting better at looking after their temporary staff because the country is experiencing a growing shortage of skilled labour, according to a study published by the German Association for Personnel...

Global – British workers value work-life balance more than other European workers

21 February 2012

A study conducted by the recruitment firm Robert Half International has found that remuneration and work-life balance are cited as primary reasons by UK employees looking for new opportunities while 73% of HR directors said they were concerned about losing key staff.

The UK is leading the way in Europe...

Luxembourg – Adecco reports increase in Portuguese workers

21 February 2012

As more and more Portuguese are leaving the country to escape the stagnating job market, Luxembourg appears to have become a hotspot for these migrants, as Adecco reports. It is estimated that last year alone, 84,000 Portuguese emigrated and particularly young people, couples with children, and fathers...

Spain – Protests against labour reforms that will “increase temporary work”

20 February 2012

Over the weekend mass protests took place in Spain against the government's controversial labour market reforms, which are designed to boost the economy and create more jobs in a country where unemployment is ripe and many emigrate to find work elsewhere.

According to local media reports, protests were...

Europe – EU urges removal of labour restrictions on Bulgarians and Romanians

20 February 2012

The nine European member states that currently still have labour restrictions for Bulgarian and Romanian workers in place have been asked to remove them as the European Commission seeks to liberate the labour market. The EU Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs, Laszlo Andor, confirmed this...

The Netherlands – Polish agency workers feel discrimination

20 February 2012

After the Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders recently implemented a national hotline where people across the country can call in to complain about migrant workers from Central and Eastern European countries, a study now, unsurprisingly, confirms that over 85% of Polish workers in the Netherlands feel...