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Who Has Been Driving Change in the World of Work? Applaud the Staffing 100 Honorees.

Those on the Staffing 100 need to take a bow. The US temp penetration rate (percent of workforce that is temporary and engaged through staffing firms) was 2.10 percent in September. This rate has been setting new highs each month since February 2014 — the first time it exceeded the previous high of 2.03 percent set in April 2000.

What a record! And we have many of the Staffing 100 to thank for it. Yes, the effort is not theirs alone. There are many circumstances that have brought us to this stage.  But these folks have played a vital part in a variety of ways. Recently, Staffing Industry Analysts had the privilege of unveiling the 2014 honorees in both the US and European staffing markets. (Attend our first Executive Forum in London and you can have the pleasure of meeting some of the staffing 100!)  

Let’s take a look at the temp numbers. In the US alone, we had 2.9 million temporary workers working in September. But it’s not just about the industry’s engagement of temporary workers that gave these folks their place on the list. US unemployment is currently at 5.9 percent, the first time it has dipped below 6 percent since 2008. Many of the Staffing 100 — current and alumni — have created jobs and placed millions of people in them. Finding jobs in any economy is challenging enough but in the Great Recession, challenging was taken to a whole new level.

In addition, these folks have experimented with varied staffing models, coming up with new and innovative solutions. Today’s workforce has numerous worker classifications that are often hard to keep up with.  The Staffing 100 luminaries have kept us abreast with the ever-evolving sources of talent, non-traditional work arrangements and created platforms from online staffing to IC compliance to dispensing payroll services that have not just expanded the world of work but made it a far better one for its citizens. Corporations, small businesses, the economy and we the people have been the benefactors.

The list is not a static one. We welcome your nominations for 2015. We hope to update the lists both here and across the pond yearly. After all, it’s your recommendations that keep it current. So if your nominees did not make it this year, don’t give up. There is always next year.

Buyers of staffing services, please do keep your providers in mind. We are looking for folks who have changed the face of your program. Innovators are just one pool, there are those who have continued the same tried and tested methods but with great aplomb.

Congratulation to all who have made the list since its inception in 2011. We are proud to showcase these stars.


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