Are You Truly Motivating Your Staff?

So the economy is a bit down, orders are slowing down and the pressure is on to meet your revenue goals. Strategizing with your sales team is certainly a good idea. Coming up with creative ways to motivate your sales team is definitely the right way to go. The right amount of pushing and nudging might just be what a crestfallen sales person or recruiter might need reinvigorate and start their efforts anew.

But remember, pushing can go too far. I recently read an article on about using waterboarding as a motivational, team exercise to get the sales team all pumped up. Yes, you read it right. Waterboarding as recently talked about in relation to Guantanamo. And the amazing thing was that the CEO of the company was not even aware of this occurrence. Here's the link to the article for your perusal: Lawsuit: 'My company waterboarded me!" It was supposed to be a bonding experience. Instead one of the employees participating in this event ended up suing the company.

I know times are getting tougher, but let's not go overboard with these team building exercises. Such actions send a signal of desperation to your staff across the board, be it a top performer or a mediocre. And you don't want to lose your A players for sure - especially during a slowing economy. As one recruiter said - there is always need for top talent in a weak economy. When times are hard and average performers are not doing so well, staffing firms seek good performers to weather the downturn.


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