Who knew management really mattered?

If you're like me, you've probably wondered for years, do CEOs indeed, senior management generally do they really do anything?  Or are they just deadweight?

That question will probably never be answered definitively.  It almost counts as a metaphysical question, like asking why the rest of the world has an accent but we don't, one of those things that will probably never really be fully understood.

Nonetheless, a final follow-up examination of our staffing survey data from earlier in the year has resulted in the interesting observation that staffing firms tend to outperform when run by top managers with longer experience in the staffing industry (more than four years). Likewise, staffing firms with a stable management (exactly the same management team for more than four years) also tend to outperform.

Could this mean that staffing firm management counts for something?  That experienced staffing firm managers should be listened to, perhaps even well-compensated for their experience?  The mind swims at the possibilities.

I invite full examination of this curious result, with the hope that some sharp mind out there will make sense of it all.  The same analysis reveals several other factors also correlated with success, but these are by and large less shocking.


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