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Secret message to C.I.A. : call us and ask about the "CWS Council"

A New York Times article recently revealed that private contractors are being used by the C.I.A. not just for logistical support but as de facto agents, participating in clandestine raids and the transporting of detainees.

Defending such use of contractors, a C.I.A. spokesman quoted in the article said, "Contractors give you flexibility in shaping and managing your talent mix--especially in... More

What is the U.S. Census Bureau smoking?

According to a recent report from the U.S. Census Bureau, 3Q09 revenue in the U.S. employment services industry was down 7% from 3Q08, not bad at all given the recession.

Really?  Down just 7%?  That seems doubtful.

The "employment services industry" includes employment placement agencies, temporary help services and employee leasing.  A few loose ends aside, that is pretty much... More