With Focus One Can Achieve Spectacular Results

I recently finished Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s memoir My Beloved World and what I learned from it was those from very modest backgrounds can achieve great things. There is a secret to the success, you need to do one thing: focus. I was thinking about how that relates to our business in staffing and I realized all things are achievable if we just focus on something. Same is true for your social media strategies as well, just focus.

I was finding myself a bit bored with Twitter. Yes, I do look at it every day to see what is going on in the world and yes, I think it is really important to share information and news on Twitter, but it was no longer the shiny new thing. Then I read this article about how one can research, plan and market a great event on LinkedIn, so I thought, well, maybe we should marshal our resources all on LinkedIn. After all, we do a lot of events and we should use LinkedIn more. One of the members of the marketing team came into my office talking about how we use Facebook. I was looking at our web stats and Facebook is now a leading referrer, maybe we should throw caution to the wind and come up with the best Facebook campaign. Then of course there are these blogs and making sure we are adding value to the team with our marketing blogs. Trying to take our real world examples and apply them through. Then I realized I wasn’t applying the thing that I had just learned, which is to focus.

In as much as I know we all want to be everywhere, we just can’t. If we do a little bit of everything, we do nothing well. So here is how to plan a great social media strategy: FOCUS. Now focus can pertain to many things. You can focus on a single topic for a while, you can focus on a single channel for a while, and you can focus on a single audience for a while. Pick one and focus.

Think about it this way. You have been long established in the IT space, your customers and prospects know about your services, they are confident that you provide great candidates and follow up. You have decided that a good line extension for you is Healthcare IT. There is a lot going on with healthcare reform, you haven’t focused on healthcare in the past, but you feel confident that this is a good business for you. You just have to let people know. So here is a tactic for you:

  1. Write a blog describing what you know about the IT space. Include what you have learned about healthcare reform and the challenges corporations face. Talk about what you know and what you are confident about. Put the blog on your website
  2. Now tweet the blog out to your followers and put it on your Facebook page. Have your staff tweet it out and put it on their Facebook pages
  3. Use the blog you just wrote as the foundation for a webinar on the 5 Things Corporations/Hospitals should know before recruiting IT talent to support healthcare reform. Invite an expert or two to help you with the webinar.
  4. Tweet the dates and times for the webinar. List the webinar on your Facebook page. Announce the event on LinkedIn to your connections. Have key staff members do the same thing. Have the expert who you are working with also tweet it, put it on their Facebook pages and announce it to their LinkedIn connections
  5. Before the webinar, create a handout that can be given to attendees of the webinar as follow up for coming to the webinar. Use the handout as a lead generation tool to get people to the webinar as well. Tweet out a message that people attending the webinar will receive this handy guide about the 5 things you should know before staffing up for healthcare reform. Do the same on Facebook and LinkedIn – have key staff members do the same
  6. Record the webinar. After the webinar, post the recording on your website so that you can now tweet, mention on Facebook and LinkedIn, if people missed the webinar, they can view it on your site. Put a signup sheet in front of the video so that you can capture leads
  7. Use the blog, webinar, handout and video to position yourself as a thought leader on the topic. Look at industry events and see if you can position yourself to sit on a panel about the same topic
  8. Announce using your social channels that you are speaking about Healthcare IT at the event

Using one focused topic, you were able to use it and reuse it to position yourself as a thought leader. You were able to leverage your network and the network of your team to put out your message. You offered your new audience some valuable information and positioned yourself to take advantage of winning business, because you did one thing – you focused. Try it, I think you will achieve results, by leveraging information you already know to a channel that you can expand.


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