I can't help myself, I need to comment on the iPad

Unless you are living in a cave you know the iPad will be available to consumers tomorrow.  I have read with much interest all of the commentary about Apple's latest device.  I have read:  "it is too expensive," "I already have a computer, a mobile phone and a blackberry, I already have too many devices to plug in."  Even Guy Kawasaski in an interview in today's New York Times didn't give the iPad a ringing endorsement. Here is where I think the iPad and Amazon's Kindle will be truly successful and why people will spend the money for the devices -- it is about your children.  I predict as the textbook market moves its books to these electronic devices, sales will go through the roof.  We are all tired of seeing kids with huge backpacks, wheelie bags and other weights that are hurting our children's backs, necks and whatever else.  With the lack of lockers in schools and the greater burden of carrying books, the devices are the answers for our children. Now I know the textbook publishers are not going to jump on the electronic book bandwagon very quickly.  After all, the amount of money textbook publishers have been making has been huge and they aren't likely to want to lose that margin any time soon.  Seriously, have you purchased a textbook recently -- wow!  However Apple does still have a leg up in the education market and Apple may use its leverage in the education market to convince textbook publishers to put their assets in the iTunes inventory for download. iPads and other electronic devices are ideal for the education market.  For those of you who own a Kindle, you know that you can look up a word, research information and expand your horizons from a single word or phrase in your book.  What a perfect application for the education market. So enjoy the hoopla, and the break from me writing about marketing and think about the iPad for your children as a replacement for the pounds and pounds of their textbooks.


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