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Deciphering Social Networks - April 2010 Marketing Blog

One of our sales people said to me, "why would anyone want to do Foursquare, I understand it, but why would I do it?"  If you don't know what Foursquare is www.foursquare.com, it is a micro-blogging site, much like Twitter but with a Farmville type of twist. Excuse me if you don't know what Farmville is it is a Facebook game. Anyway, with Foursquare you can tell... More

I can't help myself, I need to comment on the iPad

Unless you are living in a cave you know the iPad will be available to consumers tomorrow.  I have read with much interest all of the commentary about Apple's latest device.  I have read:  "it is too expensive," "I already have a computer, a mobile phone and a blackberry, I already have too many devices to plug in."  Even Guy Kawasaski in an interview in today's... More