Tyler Womack

Research Assistant

Tyler Womack

Tyler Womack joined Staffing Industry Analysts in 2013. He holds a B.A. in economics from Wheaton College.

Recent Articles

UK Staffing Firm Internal Employee Survey

18 April 2014

  • A survey of internal employees of eleven UK staffing firms designed to measure their likelihood of leaving their jobs within the next year.
  • 36 questions measuring satisfaction with various attributes of staffing agencies.
  • Confidence in company leadership strongly correlated with job attachment.... More

SI Report Webinar - December 2013

10 December 2013

  • Watch the full webinar on demand
  • Free pay rate sources — which is the best?
  • Can PEOs help with ACA?

2013 Staffing Company Survey: Staffing firms’ best and worst strategic decisions

26 November 2013

Asked about their strategic or tactical decision making staffing firms tell us their best decisions and their worst