Timothy Landhuis

Research Manager

Tim Landhuis

Timothy Landhuis is a Research Manager at Staffing Industry Analysts. His areas of coverage include U.S. market size estimates, staffing industry growth forecasts, market share estimates of the largest U.S. staffing firms, and sector analysis of the industrial staffing segment.

Prior to joining Staffing Industry Analysts, Mr. Landhuis worked as a financial analyst and recruiter at leading firms in the semiconductor, software, and financial services sectors.

Landhuis holds an M.B.A. in finance and accounting from Washington University in St. Louis and a B.A. from Stanford University. He has passed the level one Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam.

Recent Articles

Research Report: How Hot Is Your Market?

21 November 2012

This article examines projected 2013 U.S. market sizes for the major temporary staffing skill sets and compare them with their pre-recession peaks, in order to frame current conditions in their historical context.

Temps: Demand in Certain Segments at Historical Highs

19 September 2012

Is the demand for temps in your segment up? Find out which segments have recovered from the recession and which are lagging behind. Knowing what the supply and demand for particular skill sets are can help you plan your temporary workforce with appropriate pay structures and time-to-fill.

What Your Supplier’s Gross Margin Can Tell You

23 May 2012

Most contingent workforce programs track metrics like suppliers’ time-to-fill and turnover rates, but there’s another metric that would be good to track: the supplier’s gross margin

Ireland Rising

29 March 2012

The Irish economy suffered a setback with the global recession, but it is expected to grow again in 2012. With a promising outlook, temporary staffing is also expected to grow.

Welcome to Canada

1 March 2012

The Canadian economy avoided the harshest blows of the economic downturn. Evidence suggests the country’s temporary staffing revenue is already at pre-recession levels. Here’s what the market is like and what you can learn from it.