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The European Staffing Landscape - 17 May 2010

19 May 2011

Here is a review of the latest significant temporary staffing trends and developments in Europe.

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Western European Legal Roundup and Risk Clinic

26 July 2011

  • This webinar reviews of the significant Legs & Regs trends and developments in Europe, as of 26th July 2011.
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Western Europe Onwards and Upwards

20 September 2011

  • Are Independent Contractors part of your European Contingent Workforce Programme? Then this webinar is for you.
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  • Duration: approximately 1 hour

European Contingent Workforce Trends from Staffing Industry Analysts

14 October 2010

Learn more about the latest contingent workforce issues in Europe 
Speakers: John Nurthen, General Manager, Europe; Ton Mulders, Director of Strategic Solutions, Europe; Adam Pode, Director of Research, Europe
1 hour 7 minutes including Q&A 

European VMS & MSP Trends 2011

29 November 2011

  • The latest trends in Europe from our VMS & MSP Competitive Landscape
  • Hear our global experts' opinions on how to best adapt to the ever changing environment in 2010
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Western Europe Annual Review & Predictions for 2012

14 December 2011

Our end of year review showcases Staffing Industry Analyst’s most valued research produced during the past twelve months.

The Agency Work Directive: What happened?

26 January 2012

  • Watch the full webinar on demand
  • A close look at what the Directive has actually meant for the major European staffing market
  • Duration:1h14min

From Easy to Hard: A look at global staffing market complexity

14 March 2012

  • Watch the full webinar on demand
  • An international exploration of the easiest and the hardest staffing markets
  • Duration: approximately 1h

Quest for the Talent Grail: The evolution of the J&J programme in EMEA

19 April 2012

  • Watch the full webinar on demand
  • Hear how Fieldglass helped Johnson & Johnson overcome the challenges of rolling out a contingent workforce programme across Europe
  • Duration: approximately 1h

MSP and RPO Contracts in Europe: Dealing with the Law

30 May 2012

  • Watch the full webinar on demand
  • Legal advice from an expert panel on MSP contracts in European countries
  • Duration: approximately 1h