Timothy Landhuis

Research Manager

Tim Landhuis

Timothy Landhuis is a Research Manager at Staffing Industry Analysts. His areas of coverage include U.S. market size estimates, staffing industry growth forecasts, market share estimates of the largest U.S. staffing firms, and sector analysis of the industrial staffing segment.

Prior to joining Staffing Industry Analysts, Mr. Landhuis worked as a financial analyst and recruiter at leading firms in the semiconductor, software, and financial services sectors.

Landhuis holds an M.B.A. in finance and accounting from Washington University in St. Louis and a B.A. from Stanford University. He has passed the level one Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam.

Recent Articles

U.S. Staffing Industry Stock Index: 3Q12

October 8, 2012

  • Index of 17 publicly-held firms unchanged in 3Q12
  • 11 gainers, 6 decliners
  • Median gain of 4% by index firms offset by Robert Half Intl. decline

Marketing Creative Staffing Growth Update - October 2012

October 3, 2012

  • Market expected to grow 8% in 2013
  • Total employment growth y/y positive for advertising and marketing consulting industries, but flat for graphic design and market research industries
  • Unemployment rates remain high relative to other professional occupations 

Legal Staffing Growth Update - September 2012

September 28, 2012

  • Public staffing firms report mixed results in 2Q12
  • Legal services employment declined 70K during the recession and only 9K jobs have returned
  • High number of acquisitions reported in 1H12 

Clinical/Scientific Staffing Growth Update - September 2012

September 25, 2012

  • Publicly-held staffing firms report single-digit growth y/y in 2Q12
  • Total employment growth in R&D has accelerated in 2012 versus 2011
  • Market expected to grow 7% in 2013  

Engineering Staffing Growth Update - September 2012

September 24, 2012

  • Decelerating or declining y/y revenue at publicly held staffing firms in 2Q12
  • Market expected to grow 5% in 2013 
  • Low unemployment rates persist among high demand occupations  

Finance/Accounting Staffing Growth Update - September 2012

September 19, 2012

  • Public staffing firms report positive but decelerating growth in 2Q12  
  • Total employment rose modestly in key markets of financial activities, manufacturing, and tech/telecom
  • Market projected to grow 9% in 2012

Temps: Demand in Certain Segments at Historical Highs

September 19, 2012

Is the demand for temps in your segment up? Find out which segments have recovered from the recession and which are lagging behind. Knowing what the supply and demand for particular skill sets are can help you plan your temporary workforce with appropriate pay structures and time-to-fill.

Healthcare Staffing Growth Update - September 2012

September 17, 2012

  • Public firms and Pulse survey report positive y/y revenue growth
  • Total employment growth strong in outpatient sector and hospital settings
  • U.S. healthcare staffing market estimated to grow 9% in 2012 

SI Report Webinar - September 2012

September 11, 2012

  • Watch the full webinar on demand
  • Staffing forecast update
  • Staffing M&A trends

Staffing Industry Forecast: September 2012 Update

September 11, 2012

  • Industry projected to expand 9% in 2012 and 6% in 2013
  • Solid expansion is continued evidence of positive secular shift in demand
  • Segments headed for all-time peaks in 2012:  industrial, IT, engineering, and locum tenens staffing