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Best Staffing Firms to Work For Survey
2014 winners will be announced at the 2015 Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum, March 16-19 in Orlando. Look for this survey again in the Fall and nominate your staffing firm for our annual Best Staffing Firms to Work For survey. Then survey your employees to find out how you stack up against others in the industry. The best companies will be identified based on the results of an employee engagement survey of staffing firm internal employees and a net promoter score survey of staffing firm temporary and contract employees.

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Staffing Industry Pulse Survey
The Pulse survey is our monthly snapshot of the U.S. staffing industry by staffing sector and temp help segment. It's a quick survey to complete (about 10-15 minutes), is completely anonymous, and in exchange for providing data you receive timely revenue, acquisition, and benchmarking trends of the industry in a ~25 page report.

We collect previous month's data starting at the beginning of each month and release it by the end of the current month (i.e. March data is collected throughout April and released at the end of April). The monthly Pulse survey is free to all participants, but only those who participate receive the report.

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Allied and Advanced Practice Benchmarking Survey
Staffing Industry Analysts’ 2015 Allied and Advanced Practice Benchmarking Survey is now open. Participants will receive a report allowing them to benchmark their own company’s performance on metrics such as pay rate, bill rate and revenue growth for PT, OT, NP, PA, and other Allied and Advanced Practice occupations. The report will also include information on average assignment length, recruiting challenges and VMS penetration.

For more information, please contact Research Associate David Francis at

Participants must submit a completed survey by August 17 to receive the full report of results. All data at the company level will remain confidential. Results will only be reported in aggregate.

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Currently Closed Surveys

Staffing Industry Analysts’ Staffing Firm Survey

The Staffing Industry Analysts' Staffing Firm Survey is used to gather information on trends in industry best practices, compensation, M&A activity, operational benchmarking and planned changes.

Staffing Industry Sales & Service Compensation Survey
Since 2011, Staffing Industry Analysts has partnered with SalesGlobe to conduct an exclusive benchmark of pay practices for the staffing industry. This survey provides data on where your firm stands with others in the industry. Participants receive a detailed report including statistics on roles, pay levels, and performance levels by job type. Participation is free.

Staffing Industry Benchmarking Consortium
The Staffing Industry Benchmarking Consortium (SIBC) is managed by Staffing Industry Analysts, and consists of a group of staffing companies -- large and small, privately-held and publicly-traded -- who confidentially provide Staffing Industry Analysts with their company's financial and operating data so that they, in turn can access aggregated benchmarking data. It is specifically designed for staffing firm CEOs, owners, CFOs, board members, and other senior executives who want an ongoing, timely scorecard on how their specific company's financial and business performance compares to similar staffing companies.

The SIBC survey is implemented twice a year. Participation is open to corporate members only, at no additional charge. Please contact if you would like more information about SIBC.

The current round of SIBC is now closed. If you are a corporate member and would like to participate in the future, or would like to become a corporate member, please contact

Staffing Industry Analysts’ 2015 Largest and Fastest-Growing Staffing Company Rankings and Opportunity Lists
Use this online application to enable your company to appear in Staffing Industry Analysts' 2015 rankings of the largest and fastest-growing staffing companies, and/or appear in our 2015 reports on U.S. Diversity Staffing Firms, U.S. Mentor-Protege Firms, and staffing firms looking to make an acquisition. The submission deadline was Friday, March 20, 2015. Note that the application has two parts that must be completed by the deadline: the first part is the online application which begins on this webpage, the second part involves downloading an Excel application worksheet and e-mailing the completed file to Staffing Industry Analysts.

Staffing Industry Analysts’ Contingent Buyer Survey
The Staffing Industry Analysts' Contingent Buyer Survey is used to gather information on trends in industry best practices, compensation, M&A activity, operational benchmarking and planned changes. The next Contingent Buyer Survey will be in March 2016. Please check back for more details and to participate.