Sales/Mktg & Market Opportunities

Best and worst U.S. metro job markets

September 28, 2010

Best: DC, Boston, Minneapolis, Austin, Baltimore
Worst: Chicago, NY/NJ, California
None of top 20 markets in Western U.S.

2010 Staffing Company Survey: Who sells what to whom

July 20, 2010

Which segments are sold to which industries
Staffing firm specialization by segment, industry
Staffing segments: what goes with what

2010 Staffing Company Survey: Highest bang-to-buck marketing & sales tactics for staffing firms

June 18, 2010

Top marketing & sales tactics identified
What larger firms do differently
How tactics vary by segment, firm size

2010 Staffing Company Survey: How much revenue should you be getting from repeat business?

June 14, 2010

Typical staffing firm gets 76%-80% repeat business
Nine out of ten say majority revenue is repeat
But rate of repeat business varies by segment, industry

Selling to government: The 2010 list of staffing firm contacts for assistance in the mentor/protégé advantage programs

May 27, 2010

Mentor-protégé arrangements can help in selling to federal government
New mentor-protégé list features 19 mentors
List also features 128 potential protégés

Best and worst U.S. industry job markets

May 14, 2010

From dog to top dog, temp help now #1
Other winners: basic materials, i.e. metals, plastics, wood well as mining, transportation equipment, specialty stores
Worst markets: couriers & messengers, specialty private banks

2010 Staffing Company Survey: How much business should you be getting from smaller companies?

May 5, 2010

Smaller client companies are big business
In industrial temp, direct hire 80%+ of clients are smaller companies
But IT firms mostly serve bigger clients

Best and Worst U.S. Metro Job Markets

April 23, 2010

343 U.S. metros ranked by employment trends
76 biggest U.S. metros with more than 500,000 jobs
Best: Washington, Oregon, Michigan, S. Carolina
Worst: Texas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania

SPECIAL REPORT: 2010 Temporary Jobs Guidebook: Niche Market Opportunities for Staffing Firms

March 29, 2010

Key temp statistics at an occupational level
500 occupations analyzed and detailed
Top niche markets identified
User-friendly excel file available for download

Best and worst U.S. industry job markets

February 19, 2010

Home healthcare and federal govt lead in job growth
Medical facilities also outperforming
On rebound: textiles, wood, furniture, car dealers