CWS Council Research

Special Report - Temporary Jobs Guidebook - Niche Market Opportunities for Staffing Firms

January 24, 2008

Top 25 best temp staffing niche markets identified
Temp jobs data on 500 occupations
For your convenience: data available in easily downloadable Excel file.

CWS Council - CW Program - Business Case Template

January 17, 2008

Building the business case for an actively-managed CW program
Nuts and bolts of drafting a formal document
Getting from as-is analysis to a compelling vision of the desired state

Worker misclassification, co-employment, and the efficacy of assignment limits

January 7, 2008

How HR departments created an urban legend

Microsoft, Time Warner and the perils of worker misclassification

January 7, 2008

Understanding temp and 1099 risk management

CWS Council Benchmark Cluster - Agency Management

December 20, 2007

An overview of how companies evaluate and manage staffing suppliers
Understanding when specific supplier management strategies will be mainstream
Prioritizing staffing supplier performance metrics

Peek Under the Hood: What Not To Do When Seeking Highly Skilled Contingents

December 6, 2007

And that means trying to have it all

Jetting Toward Success

December 6, 2007

Hawker Beechcraft moves quickly to implement a VMS

Ask the Procurement Guy: It's Not My Fault, Really

December 6, 2007

Never forget your contingent resources are humans first

CWS Council - Co-Employment ABC's: Bottom Line Answers to Your Nagging Questions

November 30, 2007

Office/Clerical Staffing Buyer Profile

November 28, 2007

What office/clerical staffing buyers are thinking