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“Online Staffing” Platforms: Characterizing the Demand Side

December 6, 2012

  • Demand for online staffing is real and expanding
  • It is at an early stage of evolution, much lies ahead
  • A new channel to meet "flexible workforce" needs?

2012 Staffing Company Survey: How firms are responding to online staffing

December 4, 2012

  • We asked staffing firms how they were responding to the opportunity/competitive threat presented by online staffing
  • A majority of 449 respondents either unaware or not interested/concerned (86%)
  • Comments: Respondents feel "human element" of traditional staffing gives edge over online... More

Part II: The Reality of "Social Recruiting" and How to Approach It (Blog Post)

November 29, 2012

There are two basic shifts in thinking and planning that need to occur.  One is a shift from thinking about your business as one that “delivers people/workers as products” to one that “provides talent as service.”  The other shift involves a shift in thinking about your technology platform... More

2012 Staffing Company Survey: How satisfied are staffing firms with their acquisitions, and what drives acquisition success?

November 26, 2012

  • Net promoter score for acquisitions made in last three years: -26%
  • Use of an M&A advisor did not affect respondents' satisfaction
  • Moderate correlation between acquirer size and satisfaction

2012 Staffing Company Survey: Acquisition Plans

November 21, 2012

  • Most desired temp staffing acquisition target: IT staffing 
  • Most desired non-temp staffing acquisition target: Direct hire
  • Temp segment where acquisition demand most exceeds supply: Engineering/design

3Q12 Gross Margin and Bill Rate Trends

November 20, 2012

  • In 3Q12, median gross margin rose 50 bps y/y at eight large public firms
  • Similarly, median gross margin change was 50 bps y/y among 17 public firms
  • Average office/clerical bill rate up 0.9% y/y; industrial bill rate up 0.7% y/y in October

2012 Staffing Company Survey: Trends in Staffing Firm Attitudes and Opinions

November 20, 2012

  • Every year we ask staffing firms for their attitudes and opinions on factors that affect their businesses
  • Most bullish: Internet
  • Most bearish: State unemployment tax, government regulation, healthcare, workers comp costs 

3Q12 Financial Results for North America-Based Public Staffing Firms

November 19, 2012

  • Revenue in 3Q12 rose a median 3.0% y/y for ten of largest firms
  • Roughly 63% of the 24 public firms reported a profit
  • Gross margin rose a median 0.5 percentage points

2012 Staffing Company Survey: Spending Expectations

November 13, 2012

  • Fifty-nine percent of firms expect increase in training spend, 54% expect increase in technology spend
  • Spending 'bullishness' for 2013 comparable to that of 2012
  • Firms in energy/chemical industry, IT staffing firms most likely to increase spend

Part I: The Reality of "Social Recruiting" and How To Approach It (Blog Post)

November 13, 2012

I was recently asked to talk about “social media and recruiting” (for staffing firms: how to approach it, what to do, etc.) at the SIA Healthcare Staffing Summit held this past week.  This assignment really caused me to think about the challenges of adoption and what a reasonable perspective... More