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Turnover Rising

Internal staffing firm workers pursue other opportunities

I run a midsize staffing firm and am seeing more turnover lately. Is that what others are experiencing? What should I be doing to minimize that?

— Questioning in Kansas

Dear Questioning,
The economy is looking up. That’s a good thing, but an improved economy brings a new set of challenges. Turnover of internal staff is one of those challenges, and it is normal in a recovery.

Those who may have been reluctant in the recession to leave their jobs are starting to flex their muscles. They are looking for opportunities, buoyed by the improved economic climate. Recent data from Staffing Industry Analysts also points to that. In fact, we recently conducted an informal poll, asking staffing firms whether their internal staff turnover is rising. Thirty-nine percent said yes, it is increasing, while just 17 percent said their turnover was decreasing. So as you can see, you are not alone.

You can’t stop people from looking for other jobs but you can strive to make your company a best staffing firm to work for. Check the “Best Staffing Firms to Work For” story in the April issue of SI Review for tips. One of the advantages of making your firm a best place to work is being able to attract and retain top talent. Having employees who say they like working at your firm adds a huge degree of credibility.

Editors at SI Review

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