March 29, 2011 - Vol.3.8


This issue of CWS 30 deals with what companies need to be aware of when engaging alumni talent including retirees. Read about how to build a business case for VMS and healthcare for temps.

Feature: Going Back to Work

April 6, 2011

As substantial and growing economic and demographic forces lead to more and more business changes and talent mobility, it's become progressively more common for companies to turn to former employees to use as contingent labor. Workers who have had careers with a company, retire, and then return, are... More

Perspective Column: Defining a Problem

April 6, 2011

A company shares how it built its business case for a VMS

Behind the News: Europe

April 6, 2011

The decision by the highest labour court in Germany (BAG) to force staffing companies who were members of The Association of Medium-sized Temporary Employment Agencies (AMP) to retroactively pay millions of Euro in social security and pension contributions by the end of May 2011 may face further legal... More

Because You Asked: Healthcare for Temps

April 6, 2011

Does anyone have a benefits subsidy in place for their contingents? Either by paying a percentage of the healthcare costs or providing "extra" pay to go to those costs?

There's a misconception that temporary workers are assigned health benefits. Here's the catch. If end users of contingent labor... More