CWS 3.0: April 5, 2011 - Vol. 3.9


Funding Source of Vendor-Neutral VMS/MSP


Funding Source of Vendor-Neutral VMS/MSP

A significant catalyst of VMS/MSP adoption has been the idea of "supplier-funded" programs: The staffing agencies and consulting firms on the supplier roster actually foot the bill for VMS and MSP components in some way. Because the vast majority of programs operate on a percent-of-spend basis, each supplier's cost for their participation in the program is proportionate to their degree of awarded business. Results from our 2010 VMS/MSP Supplier Competitive Landscape report indicate that 79 percent of vendor-neutral VMS/MSP programs are supplier-funded.


52% of CW managers increase vendor exposure to reqs as an incentive

In our 2010 Contingent Buyers survey, we asked, "Which approaches do you use to manage your contingent workforce program?"

  • Fifty-two percent of respondents use "increasing vendor exposure to requisitions" as a carrot.
  • Thirty-three percent use "accounts payable shut down, vendors will not be paid" as a stick.


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